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lunes, 24 de diciembre de 2012

[PRESS TPR] “The TPR repudiates the support given by Tsipras and Melenchon to Cristina Kirchner´s government”

Press Release of the TPR

Friday 21st December, 2012

Facing the conference that Tsipras, Dragasakis and Lapavitsas will give in Argentina, supported by EDI and Marea Popular

“The TPR repudiates the support given by Tsipras and Melenchon to Cristina Kirchner´s government”


Facing the visit to Argentina of Alexis Tsipras, vice-president of the European Left Party and leader of Syriza (Greece), Juan Marino, leader of the Tendencia Piquetera Revolucionaria, said that “Jean Luc Melenchon and Alexis Tsipras, co-president and vice-president of the European Left Party respectively, have explicitly supported kirchnerist government. On October 11th, one day after a massive demonstration in Plaza de Mayo against the adjustment of the national government, Melenchon had a meeting with Cristina and was in an event supporting the Media Law [a law made by the government in order to increase its control in the Media, TN] in its third anniversary. The Front de Gauche candidate preferred to have a meeting and give support to the government that maintains the wage tax [an unfair tax that cuts the salary, TN], rather than have meetings with the workers that fight for its abolition. Four days after that, October 15th, he took part in a conference organized by “Unidos y Organizados” [United and Organized is a political front of the main kirchnerists organizations, TN] where he states that “change processes in Latin America are an example for us, in particular we are inspired in Nestor and Cristina Kirchenr´s governments” (Telam).

“In the same line, Tsipras replied a declaration of the kirchnerist intellectual group Carta Abierta saying that ´the example we take is the Argentinian one, where they suffered inhuman and neo-liberal policies against the people imposed by the international financial capital, and its dynamics ended after a massive, democratic and peaceful uprising of the Argentinian people. Nowadays, Argentina, also with another countries in Latin America and Caribe is building an anti-neoliberal and alternative model to answer the big problems received as a consequence of the long historical period of the colonial age and the fierce neoliberal policies imposed in the last years`.  

“What Tsipras and Melenchon do not say is that the Kirchners´government is a systematic payer of the external debt. In fact, few days after the 11th anniversary of the Argentinazo, Cristina made the biggest debt payment in our country since 2001, and she has just announced a rates rise in trains and buses. It is not casual that Melenchon supported Hollande and Tsipras supported the issuing of “Eurobonds”. This front-populist left, vindicating the Kirchners as a model to follow, shows its own tendency to agree with imperialism. From the TPR, we challenge Tsipras to set position on the debt payment and the rates rise that Cristina have just done” concluded Marino.


Juan Marino  +54 - 9 11 6 335 9278

Press Secretary of the TPR

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