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lunes, 1 de abril de 2013

[III CONGRESO DE LA TPR] Marksist Basis from Turkey: Greetings to the Third Congress of TPR

Dear Comrades,

We - Movement for Permanent Revolution (SDH) from Turkey- want to send greetings to your 3rd Congress. Although our locations are very far away from each other we are in the same battle. We are comrades and feel this comradeship in our every struggle. 

21st century like its predecessor is a century of crisis, wars and revolutions. The riots of this century started in Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela, Nepal and now Greece, Tunisia, Egypt... The objective conditions are ready for the successful revolutions but we can not say same for the subjective condition-the leadership of the proletariat. So its our duty to build Bolshevik tradition to lead the workers and youth movement. SDH is determined to manage this historical task in the Middle East. We will accomplish this in the globe with the comrades like the comrades of TPR. Although we have some different attitudes SDH always appreciate your organizations international works.



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