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jueves, 29 de agosto de 2013

[EEK-Savas Matsas] Political statement signed by mexican GAR, brazilian PCO and argentinian TPR

Stop the persecution to Savas Michael-Matsas (EEK’s General Secretary) and Constantinos Moutzouris (former dean of the Athens’ Polytechnic school)


Let's organize rallies in greek embassies everywhere next September 3rd

Greek State, ruled by New Democracy (right) and PASOK (Socialist Party), backed a complaint done by nazi group Golden Dawn to many left organizations in Greece. The charges are “defamation” and “violence instigation”, due to the call to a demonstration against the attacks on immigrants made by this ultra-right and fascist organization.  The complaint, dated 2009, was raised again after the Golden Dawn rise in 2012 elections (they got 21 MPs), so the next September 3rd EEK’s General Secretary Savas Michael-Matsas, and former dean of the Athens’ Polytechnic school Constantinos Moutzouris will testify. Savas Michael-Matsas should testify about an article (without his sign) in EEK’s newspaper (“New Perspective”) in which Golden Dawn is called “nazi” (something evident). The fact that this is persecuted cannot be tolerated because it is a political offensive against anti-fascists opinion. The organizations that sign this article are with Matsas and Moutzouris and we shout: Antifascism cannot be accused!


This attack to Savas Michael-Matsas and to Constantinos Moutzouris, baked by the greek Samras’ government unleashed an anti semitic campaign, which tries to utilize the jewish origin of Savas Michael: there are flyers saying “kill the Jewish rat” with his picture. This attack shows that the “democratic” greek state, gives money, backs and legitimize this nazi Party, who has beaten KKE’s deputies (Communist Party) in a TV show, and immigrants killings. The neonazis, who have the favour of the prosecutor, were called to the declare in 2012, but they rejected through a written letter and their lawyers. Meanwhile they denounced Savas as “an agent of the jewish global conspiracy against greek nation, aiming to promote a civil war and establish a jewish-bolshevik regime”. The “socialist” PASOK and DIMAR (split from Syriza which was part of the austerity government until two months ago) are accomplice of Samaras’ policy, what is clear both due to their actions and silences. The ERT (public TV) shutdown was saluted by Golden Dawn. The links are undoubted. Many of the ministers of this authoritarian and repressive government come from the extreme-right: the assessor of the Immigration Minister, Kostoulas, is the author of a book which denies the holocaust and vindicates the Third Reich (he is part of New Democracy); the ND spokesman,  Makis Voridis, is a former leader of the “Nationalist Youth Movement” promoted by the bloody dictatorship of Papadopoulos (1967-1974).
The conclusion is clear: the attack to Savas Matsas is a direct attack to the left, the working class and the struggle for proletarian dictatorship. They spit on him because he is part of an expression of the workers movement uprising against Troika’s plans, what pose a revolutionary outlook for the european peoples. They attack Savas Matsas because the fascists see him as a representative of those who fight for the proletarian dictatorship and the Socialist United States of Europe.


On Monday 26th the government stated that 12.500 civil servants will be placed in the mobility scheme (meaning they be suspended on reduced pay and fired unless they can find a new job in the public service within eight months). Greece is committed with the troika (IMF, European Central Bank and European Union) to fire at least 4.000 civil servants this year and 15.000 at the end of 2014. Even some members of the government stated that a third financing program (the current one ends in 2014) of 10.000 million euros could be agreed, what will mean new austerity measures. That means that the attack to the revolutionary left has the aim to reinforce the already big attack against the masses. That is why the antifascist struggle is very well linked to the struggle to make capitalists pay for the crisis and for the workers’ government.


Only one week remains before Savas Michael’s and Moutzouris’ statement, and neither Syriza nor KKE had say a word about this. Only Antarsya and OKDE Ergatiki Pali issued a solidarity call. This is not by chance: the KKE is against unitary anti-fascist actions, and Syriza has already showed his paralysing nature, or even xenophobic and reactionary. For instance, when they govern Manolada (southeast Greece), some bosses shot strawberry immigrant workers, harming  more than 30 workers. Facing this very serious racist and anti-workers event, Syriza didn’t even participate in the demonstration organized in Manolada. The same was seen when in 2012, the mayor supported by Syriza, in Patras city, after an attack of the fascist against immigrant workers, requested more police . Moreover, inside Syriza, some currents don’t want to talk about the issue in order to ‘not lose votes’.

We do promote the opposite way to the Syriza’s one: The working class unity for a powerful anti-fascist action is timely. As it was achieved in the anti-fascist journey on last January 19th, we do have to defeat Syriza’s leadership orientation and impose its participation (or at least of its local committees and organizations, some of which like Kokkino and DEA has declared their solidarity) in this struggle. This struggle should also be developed inside the unions: GSEE and ADEDY should should take position. In addition, is very important to increase the international solidarity based on the comprehension of the strategic meaning of the trial outcome: when Savas Matsas is accused, fascists are smashing the left and the movement as a whole. It is a change of the political regime, as now anti-fascism could be punished by law. So, we want to join this struggle, mainly developed by the CRFI (Coordinating Committee for the Refoundation of the Fourth International, whom Greek sections is the EEK) among lots of political organizations and trade-unions. To defeat fascism, is necessary to overcome the paralysing and reactionary influence of  greek front-populism (in any variant). The fight against fascist outbreak is a central political issue in the working class struggle for the revolutionary overcome of the decomposed capitalist regime. The fascist in Greece, shall not pass!

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