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miércoles, 11 de diciembre de 2013



About 300 meters from where Partido Obrero’s picnic was being held, the TPR was carrying out a public political activity discussing the necessity of a common parliamentary group of Frente de Izquierda (Left Front - FIT) in Congress,  and a FIT’s open congress to develop the discussions  among FIT supporters.
The attack seen in the video was committed by PO’s security. During two hours and in four ocassions, several people belonging to PO’s security threatened to beat us, because “the street belongs to the PO”. One of this security groups was leaded by Esteban Perez Torres (former president of the CEFYL, for the UJS – PO). Due to the fact we didn´t leave, a new security group appeared, only to us. We’d like to highlight that the group that attacked us was not the same one that threaten us.  This proves it was a conscious political decision taken by the Partido Obrero’s leadership, in order to repress another left political group, selecting their most aggressive crew in order to attack us. PO’s security does not hit by mistake, because they must have a direct order to do so. Among the people that hit us, "Tango" and Leonardo Furman (both noted leaders of the Buenos Aires PO sectional) and Marcos Novara (member of the UJS) were seen participating in the attack. We make these names public, so they can be repudiated by the whole revolutionary movement, and because it shows the premeditated action of PO’s security, commanded by known cadres of PO.  Another proof of the premeditation of the attack is the fact they hit us in the sides of the head, in order not to leave any scratches, because we had told them we will denounce any attack, when they menaced us. In addition they tried to steal our camera, so there wouldn’t be any kind of proof to show. This was not an outburst, or a simple fight between militants: it was a decision called by PO leadership to violently suppress a political activity called by another left group, acting as a gang. If the attack was stopped, was due to police intervention, which recognized the aggressor, wanted us to start legal action against PO and detain PO’s militants. We, unlike them, defend the basic principles of class solidarity; that’s why we didn’t take part in the police intervention and did not made the legal denounce to the police. The PO’s security group, instead of vindicated their attack, went back to their original position, showing they were aware of the nature of their action.

From the TPR we repudiate that Mariano Ferreyra’s party turns their militants into a mundane gang that fights against others left groups. We call the entire PO membership in order to repudiate this kind of action, so it can never take place again. Yesterday, TPR made a public activity at the gates of Club Atlético Atlanta, were Izquierda Socialista held an rally. In no moment the comrades thought in starting this kind of method, completely alien to the revolutionary left movement. The whole FIT and popular organization must repudiate this vile act, in order to banish this kind of method out of the revolutionary movement. These are not the means of the working class but the ones that are destroying PO. If PO’s leadership had anything to do whit this attack we demand them to endorse or amend openly to all the members of the FIT’s picnic about this assault. They did not only assault TPR’s members: they also attacked relatives of victims of the AMIA attack, they attacked a youth that supports from their hearts and souls the revolutionary movement, they assaulted comrades that took part of the Parque Indoamericano activity against Mauricio Macri and Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, they attacked students that are fighting for public education at the school, they assaulted those who proudly belong to the Argentinazo’s youth.

Comrades: let’s defend the Partido Obrero! let’s defend the FIT!  let’s repudiate this attacked perpetrated by the PO guidance and their security crew.

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