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jueves, 10 de julio de 2014

[FONDOS BUITRE] Salutation of the Organization of Communists Internationalists of Greece-Spartakos to the rally of Wednesday, 9/7/2014

Salutation of the Organization of Communists Internationalists of Greece-Spartakos to the rally of Wednesday, 9/7/2014 

Dear colleagues and comrades:
The public debt towards national and international banks, as well as towards international imperialist organizations like the IMF, is not just a symptom the global capitalist crisis. It is also a major tool in the hands of the bourgeois classes to transfer the burden of the crisis of their own system on the shoulders of working classes and oppressed strata. It always comes with “structural adaptation programs”, austerity, suppression of wages and pensions, massive privatizations that grant everything common to a handful of predatory bosses.

In some countries the public debt issue has been extremely accentuated in the context of the crisis. International capitalists, technocrats and bourgeois cadres choose these countries as a paradigm of their strict class policy and as an experiment for their new ultra-neoliberal and authoritarian projects. They want to show everyone that nobody can defy their rules. In this campaign they are closely cooperating with the governments and the bourgeoisie of these countries – because themselves they also want to save this savage system, capitalism, by any means.

Greece has been such a case. After 4 years of austerity pacts and memoranda with the troika (IMF, EU, European Central Bank), the domestic worker's class is about to collapse. Official unemployment is about 30% and, in the youth, about 50%. Wages have reduced at least 40%. Public enterprises are sold out in ridiculous prices -  the next sector to privatize is electricity. The mass strikes, demonstration and occupations of the people, who demanded to abolish austerity and cancel the debt, were faced with unprecedented police brutality. In the chaos created by the crisis in the country, not only an extreme right government took power, but a nazi movement has developed in the streets of Athens and other cities.

Argentina has always been an example during all these years here. A threatening example for the government: stop fighting or we will end up bankrupt like Argentina. But an inspiring example for all militants: let's do like the Argentinazo! Now, it is obvious that the working and popular strata of Argentina are suffering a new capitalist and imperialist attack, with the shameful support of the supposedly progressive government of the country.

The only way out is massive struggles, unyielding common fight of all workers and oppressed strata. The debt must be canceled, without any “negotiation” or compromise. Not only because it is illegitimate, but because it is unfair. We won't accept any “haircut” solutions, like the one that the PSI and the troika made in the case of Greece, because they are just a pretext for imposing further measures, while at the same time completely incapable of resolving the problem of the debt. Debt is not a technical issue or an issue of legitimacy, it is a class question: who pays for the crisis? 

We will not pay for their crisis! We will fight to the end, until we oust imperialists and domestic capitalists, as well as their governments! This is the way for both Argentina and Greece!

We salute your struggle, we declare our unconditional solidarity and we make it clear: your fight is also our fight!

The political bureau of OKDE-Spartakos

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