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sábado, 30 de marzo de 2013

[III CONGRESO DE LA TPR] Greetings from Shaheed Mahomed, member of WIVP (Workers International Vanguard Party) from South Africa

Greetings from Shaheed Mahomed,

member of WIVP (Workers International

Vanguard Party) from South Africa

Dear Comrades

It is an honour to send this message of greeting to your conference. We wish to thank you for your active solidarity and internationalism in supporting the struggles of the working class on the African continent. Action in struggle on the current class struggles is really the acid test of whatever is written on programmatic documents. We regret we have not had the time to respond in detail on programmatic discussions but we will try to address this as time unfolds.

We refer you to our documents on the Central African Republic (the latest one) as well as our intervention in the Wasp (Workers and Socialist Party) , our document Reform or Revolution, for our latest interventions. We are considering becoming part of the process until the programmatic discussions of Wasp are done, seeing that we can participate under our own flag and own positions. There are a number of youth that support our positions.

Thank you for raising the funds for part of our intervention in the miners strike; regretably we were not able to take it up. We request that these funds go to some other international activity. If you still want to send it to us, we are still involved in a small scale in political work among the mineworkers.

Forward to the establishment of a revolutionary International, which for us is the refounding of the Fourth International.


Shaheed Mahomed
WorkersInternational Vanguard Party
(formerly Workers International Vanguard League)
1st Floor, Community House
41 Salt River rd
Salt River
South Africa
ph 0822020617
ph [27] 21 4476777
fax 0865486048

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