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sábado, 30 de marzo de 2013

[III Congreso de la TPR] Greetings from OKDE–Spartacos, Greek section of the Fourth International (USFI)

Greetings from OKDE–Spartacos, 
Greek section of the Fourth International (USFI) 

Dear comrades of the TPR

OKDE –Spartacos, Greek section of the Fourth International, is sending to your organization its best wishes for a successful Congress.

The global capitalist crisis is far from over. Instead of stabilizing, as the political personnel of the bourgeoisie claims, capitalism is in real trouble trying to restore profitability and capital accumulation. A process of destruction of capital and forces of production along with a violent suppression of labour cost is needed for the system to recover. This means there is only one way for capitalism: to accentuate inter-capitalist rivalries and, at the same time, lead a class war against working people.

Workers and the oppressed have no reason to make any sacrifice in the name of “restabilisation” or “national unity” in any of the countries hardly hit by the crisis. On the contrary, if they are to ameliorate their position, they have to confront the rules and structures of capitalism.

Greece has been the epicenter of advanced class struggles during the last 4 years, starting from the riot of December 2008 and proceeding with some 30 days of general strike, the so called “indignants’” movement and the pick of October 2012, when general strikes were combined with occupation of public buildings and town halls. All these experiences have brought to the foreground the question of strategy: how can we win? Unfortunately, a major part of working class militants have invested their hopes in elections and in the perspective of a reformist government lead by SYRIZA, probably in collaboration with right wing “anti-memorandum” forces. Despite being a move to the left which we should welcome, the shift of people toward SYRIZA cannot offer an alternative. Day by day, SYRIZA is making a clear turn to “realism”. If people are to win anything, they will do so only by putting forward their own, autonomous action, in total confrontation with the capital, bourgeois governments, the European Union and the nazi gangs of the Golden Down and with no trust to reformist leaderships.

ANTARSYA, which is a coalition of the revolutionary and anticapitalist left, despite all the problems, is trying to put forward a process of rupture with capitalism. OKDE-Spartacos is supporting this project, keeping the right to propagate our own ideas at the same time.

Latin America and Argentina in particular has been also the epicenter of remarkable struggles for quite a lot of time. This is way we are especially interested in the developments in your region.

In a period like the present one, an international discussion about a renewed revolutionary strategy is essential. We are trying to develop this discussion within the FI. At the same time, we are interested in exchanges views with revolutionaries outside it.  In this context, we are also involved in an interesting discussion with your organization.

Comradely revolutionary greetings
OKDE-Spartacos, Greek section of the FI 

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