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martes, 28 de mayo de 2013

[GREECE] MAY DAY IN ATHENS: Speech of Lionel Zivals in the act organized for the combative unions, Antarsya and the EEK

MAY DAY IN ATHENS: Speech of Lionel Zivals in the act  organized for the combative unions, Antarsya and the EEK


First of all, from the Tendencia Piquetera Revolucionaria (TPR) from Argentina, I want to salute your demonstration and your fight. The people in Greece are developing an enourmous struggle against the government, the troika, and the European Union. This is an example to us, as the struggles of Latin America are and were a reference for you.

You know that your government is deepening the adjustment and the attacks to the working class. My opinion, as a son of the Argentinian popular uprising in 2001, the Argentinazo, is that the only way to finish with all this is to smash Samaras government and throw them all away. No capitalist alternative is viable neither in the Eurozone nor out of it. The only way to finish with the attacks of the capitalist is to overthrow Samaras, destroy the memorandum, nationalize the banks under workers control, impose the workers control on the key sectors of the economy, impose a workers’ government and fight for Socialist United States of Europe.

Those who say that is possible a solution out of euro but without fighting for a workers’ government are lying. A non-socialist way out of euro as KKE states is a national-bourgeois solution. It’s what capitalists did in my country! They stop paying the debt for a while and devaluate the currency, to then continue a capitalist recovery over the backs of endless workdays and misery salaries. You cannot allow this here! Socialism or barbarism is posed as a real question today and here.

The trade union bureaucracy of GSEE and ADEDY is the responsible of disarming the working class. They don’t develop a struggle plan to finish with the austerity measures and to achieve your claims. They are the responsible of more than 2 months without general strike. They are giving time to the government. That’s because the stalinism and the euro-comunism, both counter-revolutionaries forces, are aiming to achieve electoral results instead of putting in motion the power of the working class. We have to fight against this! Syriza looks forwards a left government as a left management of the bourgeois state, that’s why they don´t develop workers’ struggle. They made a front with the Independent Greeks regarding Cyprus, instead of developing the workers struggle against troika’s plans.We have to fight for a United Workers Front to kick Samaras out and challenge the bureaucracy on this.

After the last elections, you know that Tsipras flied all around the world to give his support to capitalists and anti-workers governments as Cristina Kirchner in Argentina and Dilma Roussef in Brazil. These governments are now applying the adjustments in our countries!! Tsipras put them as example, which means what he wants to do here. He is not with those how fight against theeuropean imperialist oppression in our countries. But he’s with the governments associated to this oppression. We, the Tendencia Piquetera Revolucionaria (TPR) from Argentina, as latinoamerican comrades say to you: don’t trust in Cristina, don’t trust in Dilma, support the people how is fighting against the European banks, mining andoil companies,against European capitalism!

Tsipras Party, the European Left Party, is also supporting the invasion in Mali of the European Union. You cannot forget this, we have to support the people of Mali, and you’ve to fight against the invasion.

To finish, from the Tendencia Piquetera Revolucionaria (TPR) from Argentina I want to tell you: we have to challenge these leaderships and encourage those comrades that believe in them break with them. We have to break their front-populist policy with the strength of the struggle of the working class. Let´s challenge them in every issue of the political crisis.

For struggle plan until overthrew austerity and achieve all your claims! Not pay the debt! Against Europe and Euro, for the Socialist United States of Europe!
For self-defense committees against the fascists!
For a United Workers Front to kick Samaras out! No collaboration with PASOK and New Democracy! For a workers government!

El mañana es nuestro, venceremos!

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