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lunes, 9 de septiembre de 2013

[TURKEY] ERDOGAN MURDERER: A new comrade was killed by turkish police repression

TPR’s press release
Tuesday. 10/09/2013

ERDOGAN MURDERER: a new comrade was 

killed by turkish police repression

Juan Marino, leading member of Tendencia Piquetera Revolucionaria (Argentina) stated: “the comrades of Surekli Devrim Hareketi in Turkey had just told us that another comrade was killed this dawn. Ahmet Atakan, aged 22, was killed due to turkish police repression in Antakya. Before going to the demonstration, he posted in facebook 'police killed ali and abdullah, and we are sure that, we won’t make peace with police, stand up antakya’, showing he was a brave comrade that was fighting for justice. We blame this killing on Erdogan and the Turkish state and claim for justice. We support the calling for demonstration in the United States like New York (Union Square at 6:30 pm) and Boston (Consulate General of Turkey at 16:00 pm). We call for international demostrations against this new crime against the working class”

Juan Marino - +549 116 335 9278

TPR’s Press Secretary

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