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lunes, 25 de agosto de 2014


Chronicle about the act for Nestora Salgado in Argentina

''We managed the embassy to recieve us and we blow on the political and moral decay takin place in Peña's Nieto goverment"

One year after the incarceration of indigenous leader and head of the community police, Nestora Salgado from Olinala (in Guerrero state), the TPR mobilized in Buenos Aires city to the Mexico Embassy with Convergence for a workers party (CPT) as part of the Argentine Commitee in Solidarity with Nestora Salgado. Our claim was for the freedom of all political prisioners and an act was performed in front of the embassy gate and infront the police operation all this in solidarity with the international movement that ocurred that day in 8 countries.

What we achived

Christian Armetnteros, leader of our organization, entered the embassy a long with ''Shaggy'', lawyer and part of the CPT, with the purpose of gathering with the diplomatic authorities and convey solidarity with the Argentine Committee.

Below this text you can see the institutional embassy signature certifying the meeting and the receiving of 5 folder which contained the Argentine Committee flyer, the international capagne flyer, the paper elaborated for the movement day in Argentina, the inform elaborated by the Freedom Socialist Party from USA about the Nestora situation and the letter that Nestora wrote herself few days ago from the maximun security penitentiary.

What they replied

On Embassy behalf we were recieved by Alejandr Rene Molina Torres, First secretary of the Embassy in charge of legals affairs and public and public trust on it, and Maribel Arreola, the Political Affairs Officer for the embassy. When we asked her about Nestora and the political prisioners in Mexico she answered that she had no knowledge on the topic, she explained she was new, due to the renovation of the political embassy staff that followed the new embassador. Since Peña Nieto is in power, firstly Maria Crustina de la Garza Sandoval was in changer and now replacing her place is Fernando Castro Trenti. Therefore, according to the officials due to their function they could not and should not accept or reject the fact that the events that we claimed for were happening in Mexico and they limited their response that they had to inform Peña Nieto Federal Goberment what was propound.

What they showed with out political claim

As the TPR, we emphasize that the attitued of the Embassy was formally correct because they gave us a hearing and a recieving of our claims, but, under the abuses suffered by our Mexico collegues, we can not accpet a ''dont know' for a response. leaving any legal disposition on the side, their function as political renderers of the Mexican goberment is to give correct answers to the situation.

We stress, that this is not the first time that we ask for explanations. Previously we had two interviews with the presence of other organizations such as the Sociliast Workers Movement (MST), Revolutionary Communism (CR), Revolutionary Communist Party (PCR) and the organization People's Assemblies, 1 year ago, and we are still waiting and still unanswered.

Moreover given the seriousness of the allegations, we note that the evidence can not deny itself that the political and moral breakdown of Peña Nieto's goverment is a fact, and the legitimacy of Nestora Salgado and all political prisioners capaign. If a goverment can not guarantee that has no political priosiones, that goverment has to stop now and it has to stop now!. therefore, we adhere to the claim for Nestora and we demand the inmedate resignation of Peña Nieto.

Finally, compared to the application showed to ''get our complaint to Mexican authrorities'', the delegation of the Argentine Commitee for Nestora asked what period of time was considered relevant for a response in a timely manner. The answer, once again, showed the political and moral bankrupcty of Peña Nieto. Embassy officials told us ''we hae the best intentions but we will be honest, we dont know when they might answer''

Therefore we can say, with all respect and rigor that the embassy of Mexico in Argentina is hostage to a broken goverment that give no instructions, no deadlines or any official respose to the completely illegal and outrageous acts happening to the popular figters in the country.

What Cristina's Fernández de Kirchner Goverment did

The complaint of the TPR and the Argentine Committe regarding the budernsome situation of Mexican political prsioners did not escape the repressive goverment that proclaims itself as ''national and popular'' and ''humanistic''.

Rather it used their power and use of police forces. So it wsa that 30 memebers of the Federal Police, several water cannon and mobile statellite belonging to the intelligence appratus of the state were present to film and film live our act. Still, our complaint was so overwhelming that we claim the moral victory, passers were not the only supporting the cuase, but even the comissioner himself, asked for the flyers, Nestora's letter and sympathized with the Mexican political prisioners cause. The fact that even a police officer takes our moral side shows the lack of homogeneity in represive staff and the chance of weaken it by revolutionary action.

An act that enhances moral, humane and politically the Left Argentinian and the International campaign for Nestora

During the closure of the activity, Armenteros and Shaggy posed for a picture with the campaign flyer infront of the embassy, and give note on the results from the interview in a moving ceremony held with the present peers, in which our college Mabel a member of the CPT, whom was part of the organization, difussion and coverage, said a few words.

Among the conclusions, Armenteros said the act was part of the strategic fight to forge a international class awareness taking political prisioners side, and stressing that capitalist democracy is a jail for all fighters. In this regard, he stressed that this was not only solidarity with Mexico and that it was no coincidence that all organizations gathered in the event.

The CPT was one of the few organizations in Argentina that were present claming for the TPR prisioners in 2011. Shaggy, in particular, was the only attorney in the country that helped us in that moment by signing for our members release. This contrasted sharply with the remaining left, particulary the one directing the left workers party (FIT), Socialist workers party (PTS) whom attourney Gabriela Campos appeared but then left under her party orders. Thats why its not a casualty that the PTS had participated, nor the PO (whom since we were expelled had harass us systematicly) neither "Izquierda Socialista". The act, therefore, alson established a class deinition into the left Argentina and showed the human and political quality of some and the turpitude of others. We call the remaining left to please break their passive adaptation to the repression that Enrique Peña Nieto imposes and to inmediately join the Argentine Committe in solidarity with Nestora Salgado.

An act with the good internationalist example of the FSP from USA and the POS from Mexico

To sum up, Armenteros dedicated the last words on his intervention to salute the international campagne organizers: Freedom Socialist Party from USA and the POS from Mexico. This unity did not only happened due to Nestora's cause, but also due to the support we recieved from the FSP on the argentine workers struggle against American company, Lear also on the support against the payment of the external debt as a result of collision with vulture funds and Judge Thomas Griesa.

On words of TPR leader ''durin times of easy trigger and repression against the black population of Ferguson going on under Obama's political responsability and the xenofove campaign on inmigration reform on Right wing behalf , the FSP from USA and the POS from Mexico are a good example of proletarian internationalism. We salute the fight for mexican-american citizenship, Nestora Salgado unitying the left wing on both sides of Rio Bravo river and we call the worl while left to take this cause as personal. If they touch one of us, they touch us all, freedom to political prisiones, freedom to Nestora Salgado and to all political prisiones in Mexico!

Christian Armenteros - +54 (911) 1544101604

Press Secretary of the TPR 

Translated by Clara Crusizio
Original in spanish: 

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