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martes, 5 de agosto de 2014


Statement of Solidarity with Workers of the Lear Auto Parts Plant, Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Freedom Socialist Party, U.S. Section, joins the international call to end the brutal repression of union members and supporters at the Lear auto parts plant in Buenos Aires. We have been informed that violence against workers is being carried out not only by the police, acting on behalf of the bosses, but also by thugs who have been unleashed by the union’s leadership—a betrayal of monumental proportions in a working class struggle.

We are not surprised to learn that Lear, a Fortune 500 company, is based in the U.S. We know firsthand how ruthless U.S. employers can be. As a matter of basic workers’ solidarity, we join others from across the globe in demanding the reinstatement of all fired Lear workers and the immediate release of those jailed for supporting the struggle. Your victory will be our victory!

Lear’s attack on union militants and their democratically-elected shop steward committee is part of a wider assault on the standard of living of all working people. It is designed to drive down wages to attract capital investment. As you know all too well, multinational corporations like Lear try to maximize profits by shifting repayment of the massive foreign debt of countries like Argentina onto the working class. Enough!

Neither Kirchner nor Obama are workers’ friends; they twist the knife of austerity in our backs while telling us they feel our pain. Instead of more economic bloodletting for people on the bottom of society, we urge you to join the call of the Tendencia Piquetera Revolucionaria and other left organizations for the non-payment of the external foreign debt and the nationalization, under workers control, of the banks, major industry, foreign trade, oil, mining and the like. This is the only way to guarantee jobs and a decent livelihood to workers in our hemisphere.

Your courage in the fight against Lear Corporation is an inspiration to us all.

In struggle,
Guerry Hoddersen
International Secretary
Freedom Socialist Party, U.S. Section

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