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viernes, 3 de julio de 2015


TPR salutes the forum organized by Turkish SDH and Greek OKDE-Spartakos about the Greek referendum


We support OKDE-Spartakos call to vote NO on the referendum on Sunday July 5th. Comrades from SDH have denounced how fast Syriza capitulated to Troika’s demands. While European Left Party, the friend of Obama and Cristina Kirchner is paying the debt and applying the budget cuts, comrades of OKDE-Spartakos in Greece and SDH in Turkey are struggling against capitalist crisis. While Tsipras is saying in state TV that if the YES wins in the referendum he will resign, and submitting to the troika new adjustment plans, there is an anticapitalist, worker, revolutionary left that stands for the NO, is against any kind of agreement with UE and IMF, and is struggling in the streets against the debt and for workers claims. Last week, OKDE-Spartakos and Antarsya comrades in Greece where with ADEDY (state workers union) fighting against any kind of agreement, while Tsipras was negotiating in Brussels the blood of Greek people.

Tsipras is using referendum to capitulate

The referendum call is an extortion against Greek people, a people who demonstrated for years with its huge struggle that is against the adjustment and the memorandum. Tsipras does not give power to the people, but want to throw over the Greek people the responsibility for the acceptance of an already bad Syriza’s proposal, a possible devaluation, or an ignominious acceptance of the conditions of the Troika’s plan (in the case of a YES victory on Sunday).

Referéndum comes along with money controls against pensioners and workers, after Syriza’s government allowed thousands of millions euros to fly away from Greek banking system, and continued under the boot of the Troika (renamed the ‘institutions’).

Troika push for new government, Tsipras announce resignation if Yes wins

Events clarified very quickly the political nature of the crisis between Troika and Greek government. While Tsipras sent a new letter accepting almost the entire plan of the Troika, the very heads of the European Union, started to say that they will wait Greek people decision. Dijsselbloem, the chair of the council of euro zone finance ministers said that Greece was likely to “have no place in the euro zone” if it voted ‘No’ in Sunday’s referendum (Irish Times, 2/07).

While Troika is raising the bet, Varoufakis and Tsipras are announcing they will resign if the Yes wins. Last Monday, June 29th, Tsipras addressed Greek people on state TV: “We will respect the result but we will not be there to serve it”. Referendum in this situation, is closer to a self-coup d’etat, than to a democratic practice.

Neither adjustment nor devaluation. Destroy European Union, for the United Socialist States of Europe

From Argentina, as workers and exploited people who suffered the devaluation and the wage squeeze imposed by Argentinian bourgeoisie in order to overcome a debt crisis, we call the Greek fighters to struggle for a socialist way out against the capitalist crisis. We stand with those who want to defeat the “Yes” political front of the Troika, PASOK and New Democracy. KKE (Communist Party) abstention, is a ultra-left position that doesn’t care about a direct victory of the Troika. We join the NO in the referendum with the struggle to drop the debt and nationalize the banking system under workers control.  We stand with those who are fighting against the agreement with the Troika, with those who are fighting to destroy European Union, with those who are denouncing the Syriza government for its anti-popular measures.

With you, and with workers struggle we say strongly:

OXI! / NOT! / NON! / HAYR! / NO!

Lionel Zivals

on behalf of Tendencia Piquetera Revolucionaria (TPR) from Argentina

July 3rd, 2015

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