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jueves, 21 de julio de 2016


Obama and European Union, silent and tolerating the coup until it failed


To finish with coupist military, the anti-coup people, kurdish movement, trade unions and the left have to oppose a democratic revolutionary program to Erdogan’s reactionary bonapartism

In the night from July 15th to the 16th, turkish people conquered the streets defeating the reactionary and  pro-imperialist military coup d'état attempt. Under the ‘secular’ flag, pro-imperialist turkish Army, killer of kurdish people and with a long tradition of coups d’etat, put the tanks on the streets assassinating hundreds of civilians, bombing Parliament and imposing curfew. Without arms, facing tanks and bullets, workers defeated the Army. The pictures of people jumping on the tanks, disarming soldiers and crowding the squares had a big impact all around the world. The lesson taught to the peoples is huge: the masses in the streets are more powerful than the Army. The coups can be defeated with a decisive popular intervention.

Obama and UE, with the coup d’etat

We, the Tendencia Piquetera Revolucionaria standed from the first time with the popular movement against the coup in Turkey, the opposite that imperialist governments did. Mogherini, chief of the European diplomacy called to “moderation and respect for institutions, while Kerry (US) asked for “stability and continuity”. It was not but after the 16th dawn when the failure of the coup was clear due to the massive popular intervention that Obama and European representatives declared they supported Erdogan. According to The New York Times, in the Egypt of coupist and pro-imperialist Al-Sisi, Dalia Youssef (foreign relations committee chief) stated that “I will not deny there was a lot of excitement” and that “‘many public figures’, she added, would be happy to see Mr. Erdogan removed, so that Egypt could have ‘a better relationship with Turkey’” (19/7).

Obama and UE’s implication and open support of Al-Sisi’s government shows the pro-imperialist nature of the coup attempt.

Erdogan was able to take the leadership of the anti-coup struggle due to the paralysis of the kurdish movement, the left and the trade unions

At the crucial moment of the coup, turkish left, trade unions and turkish movement maintained a terrible silent which contrasted with Erdogan and other AKP leaders call to “take the streets”, “go to the squares” and “jump on the tanks”. Thus, the leadership of anti-coup popular movement was delivered to Erdogan. There was a lack of alternative leadership of the powerful popular movement, due to the adaptation to U.S. of the kurdish leadership on one hand, and the repressive, rightist and against workers nature of AKP, on the other, what blinded the left, unions and kurdish rank and file about the need to gain the streets with the AKP supporters to smash the army. AKP reinforcement after the defeat of the coup was not a result of fate, but a result of the political struggle on July 15th.

On the contrary, we assert that on July 15th stopping the coupist army was not only an historic obligation, but mainly a gold opportunity to lead the anti-coup movement and, this way, promote a massive left turn which would have destroyed Erdogan authority and opened a revolutionary crisis in Turkey. Following the lessons of Russian Revolution, when Kornilov promoted a coup against Kerensky, the defeat of the counter-revolutionary coup on the hands of the kurdish movement, trade unions and the left would have finished Erdogan days. Big popular and international prestige was gifted to Erdogan when they denied to be the vanguard in the struggle for democracy. This will probably allow him to survive more time with his reactionary regime.

After defeated coup, Erdogan promotes reactionary bonapartism

Just after the masses crushed the coup, Erdogan launched a purge in the army, the police (which remained loyal to the government) and justice: only in 3 days detained over 20.000 people and stated that he is considering to reinstall the death penalty. This reactionary program has to be confronted with a revolutionary democratic mobilization to claim for popular control on the dismantling of the coupist military apparatus. Not only because the people sacrificed in order to stop the coup, but also due to the inability of Erdogan, who is promoting purges in the army to put it under his control ¡with the results at sight! The PM Yıldırım stated that they might “deal with those who made wrong, but protect the institutions [i.e. the army], because these institutions are our future” (Hurriyet, 18/7). AKP’s program is to put pro-imperialist army under its control, not to disarm it.

So, while we salute the popular beheadings of the soldiers in the street fight against the coup, we are against Erdogan’s death penalty, which won’t be a tool for democracy but to reactionary AKP reinforcement. We claim for political and democratic rights for every prisoner, including those who participated in the coup. Against arbitrary purge in the justice, popular elections of judges and people's courts. Against the attack to judicial immunity for opposition MPs and repression to kurdish movement, full political rights and abolition of the 10% electoral threshold.

In this regard, we denounce Erdogan’s threat of war to US if Fetullah Gülen (muslim cleric who lives in US, AKP blames the intellectual promotion of the coup on him) isn’t extradited. While turkish officials accuses US of “protecting” Gülen and ask for his extradition, are collaborating with the US army in Incirlik military base. Actually, Erdogan’s argument that “we ask for Gülen as we have sent to US every terrorist they claim”. Erdogan’s claim isn’t against imperialism. They don’t break with the coupist accomplices, but try to crash any internal opposition. Thus, we reject Erdogan’s claim on Gülen and we defend his right to remain in the US. The problem is not to extradite Gülen but to expel US from Turkey.

Against Erdogan’s reactionary bonapartism, for a revolutionary democratic movement of the left, trade unions, kurdish movement and anti-coup people

This is the call we raise to the turkish left: to use this program  in order to place them in the anti-coup movement. In order to transform July 15th victory into a powerful democratic movement who may stand against AKP reactionary bonapartism, is urgent a political and ideological reorganization of the turkish left. The first step is a critic assessment to draw the conclusions of the revolutionary crash of the coup. 80 years after the start of Spanish Civil War, we say: coupist! fascist! they shall not pass!

Lionel Lázaro and Christian Armenteros
Tendencia Piquetera Revolucionaria (Argentina)

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