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viernes, 6 de septiembre de 2013


TPR’s Press Release
Friday, September 06, 2013

¡Erdogan out of Argentina!
¡No to the invasion of Syria!
¡Justice for the martyrs of June Days and Gezi Park!


Tomorrow, September 7, Turkey’s Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, will participate of the reunions of the International Olympic Committee in the Hilton Hotel in Buenos Aires, in order to achieve Istanbul as the host of the Olympics 2020. In that moment, an act of repudiation will take place in front of Hilton Hotel, promoted by the Tendencia Piquetera Revolucionaria (TPR – Revolutionary Piquetero Tendency). The slogans will be: ¡Erdogan out of Argentina! ¡No to the invasion of Syria! ¡Justice for the martyrs of June Days and Gezi Park!
Regarding Erdogan’s visit, Juan Marino, leader of the TPR and the Coordination Committee in defense of the Left Front, stated that “he’s the butcher of the popular rebellion of Gezi Park, where six fighters were murdered, hundreds detained and thousands injured. According to the comrades from the Movement for the Permanent Revolution from Turkey, SDH in Turkish, the majority of the 107 prisoners after the mobilizations are socialist activists. The left and the fighters from Argentina reject the repressive and persecutor government of Erdogan, say he must leave Argentina, and claim judgment and punishment for the martyrs of June Days and Gezi Park. TPR’s militants hold high the names of Ethem Sarısülük, Mehmet Ayvalıtaş, Ali Ismail Korkmaz, Abdullah Cömert y Medeni Yıldırım because those who fell fighting are our struggle flags. With this internationalist solidarity with the fight of the Turkish people, we sustain against Erdogan the same slogan we use against Argentinean genocides: ‘What happened to Nazis will happen to you. Wherever you go, we will go and search you’”.

At the same time, consulted about Erdogan’s position in relation to Syria’s invasion, Marino pointed out that “the Turkish prime minister expresses the political reaction and military warmongering all along the line worldwide. He has posed that the so-called ‘limited attack’, that is, the air invasion Obama proposes, wouldn’t be enough and that a full invasion must be developed, using as an example NATO’s campaign in Kosovo. Erdogan reaches the point of making a right-wing critic to the imperialist potencies that promote Syria’s invasion. He’s an adventurer and a cynic that has no problem with sinking the Syrian people in blood and putting the world in the edge of the World War Three. It’s the task of any anti-imperialist fighter to repudiate the presence of this reactionary butcher as a part of the struggle to impede the imperialist military intervention in Syria”.

Related to the enormous repressive operative displayed by Macri and Cristina’s governments, Marino denounced that “kirchnerism and macrism’s paranoia, such as of those governments that come to take part of the Olympic Committee’s reunions, show its reactionary and opposed to the popular mobilization nature. Hilton’s and its surroundings militarization is a full-length portrait of its psychology of governments besieged by the popular rebellion worldwide. As TPR, we will develop a political act in order to express our political position facing the visit of these genocides, representatives of imperialism. We will not allow that, with a police operative, the pretend to vet or dissuade us from using our legitimate right to a pacific protest and our freedom of expression. As Rosa Luxemburg said, ‘freedom has always been and still is freedom for those who think different’. If there’s no freedom to protest and denounce political power and its infamous guests, it means that in the surroundings of Hilton Hotel, Cristina and Macri have suppressed democratic rights in order to establish a state of siege. Hereby we want to state that Cristina and Macri’s governments are responsible for any authority abuse or any attempt to criminalize our legitimate protest”.

To close, TPR and Coordination Committee in defense of the Left Front’s leader said: “we call all workers, anti-imperialist and left-wing organizations to join this repudiation act. Next Tuesday we will mobilize with LGBTTIQ organizations to repudiate this Olympic Committee the chose the homophobe Putin as a host for the Sochi Olympic Games 2014. Lets mobilize this Saturday to demand the retire of Erdogan from Argentina, to repudiate Syria’s invasion, and to demand justice for the martyrs of June Days and Gezi Park”.

Letter to Argentinian revolutionaries from Surekli Devrim Hareketi (SDH, Movement for Permanent Revolution) from Turkey, about the visit of Erdogan to Argentina:


Juan Marino - +549 116 335 9278

TPR’s Press Secretary

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