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viernes, 6 de septiembre de 2013


Letter to Argentinian revolutionaries from Surekli Devrim Hareketi (SDH, Movement for Permanent Revolution) from Turkey, about the visit of Erdogan to Argentina

Turkey is one of the candidate countries for the Olympics 2020 and Turkey’s prime minister is coming to Argentina to influence the Olympic Committee for Turkey to be chosen. We, the revolutionary Marxists in Turkey want to make an invitation to our Argentinian people. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is a dictator. Throughout twelve years, during his and his party’s (AKP) governments turned Turkey into an semi-open prison. There are tens of thousands opponent people are in the prisons and being accused of ‘terrorist’! The dictatorship of AKP brutally attacks any opposition movement on the streets for twelve years. In the end, on June, the accumulated anger in the society overflew on the streets after a brutal attack to a peaceful environmentalist protests in Istanbul. Millions of people in tens of city participated in the protests and started a revolt against Erdogan’s dictatorship.
In Turkey, Erdoğan, he ordered police to attack all the protests brutally. Millions of people on the streets were threaten by the dictator. Tens of thousands protestor were taken under custody, arrested, poisoned, tortured or beaten by the police. Water cannons and tear gas violently used against the people. More than hundred people lost their eye as the police directly targeted their eyes while firing tear gas or rubber bullet. About fifteen people had cerebral hemorrage. Five of the protestors directly killed by the police three of them are shot by steel bullets. A boy, only 14, has been in a coma more than sixty days. Protesters are being arrested, attacked on the streets still and Erdogan thanks to them for their ‘successful intervention’ to the protestors. In Brasil, our sisters and brothers millions of people were on the streets at the same time and they support our resistance and we did the same thing.

AKP government is one of the most fanatic implementer of the neoliberal politics in the world. Under their authoritarian government, even the most basic human rights and under threat as it uses police forces against any demand coming from the working class and the youth. In the international arena this violence is seen by all the peoples of the world in the June.

Dictator Erdogan, also one of the most important ally of the American imperialism in the Middle East. There are 28 NATO military installation /exponent and patriot fuses in Turkey to protect Israel and USA in the Middle East. And now, AKP government is eager to occupy Syria. It is important to remember that the super imperialist power of USA gains its power by means of subcontractor countries like Turkey. That’s why, another reason to hate Erdogan is that AKP government’s and Erdoğan’s loyalty to the imperialist capitalist system and imperialist occupations which kills hundreds everyday in the Middle East. On the other hand, Erdogan tries to seem as like a democrat and human right activist about Syria and Egypt that is the another hypocrisy of him.

Moderate Islamist regime of Erdogan dictates a conservative lifestyle to the peoples of Turkey, orders women at least three children and limiting the abortion at the same time. Alcohol is tired to be banned, religious and racist education system imposed to the children. The working class of Turkey became slave under AKP regime; in the private sector workers work at least twelve hours and seven day for the minimum wage which is half of the starvation line. In Turkey, there is no future for the working class and the youth. As an powerful actor of the capitalist imperialist system and international financial capitalism Erdogan is one of the common enemy of the all working classes of the world. Erdogan is a bourgeois leader deserves the hate of the working class and the youth of the world. Without ejecting them out of our world, the world of the sisterhood, equality, freedom and justice we together live in cannot be realized. Thus, Erdogan deserves the strongest protests of the Argentinean protests.

With internationalist solidarity,

Surekli Devrim Hareketi (SDH, Movement for Permanent Revolution)

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