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martes, 3 de septiembre de 2013

[GREECE] Greetings of Petros Constantinou, to the act of the TPR of Argentina to protest against the fascist attacks

We are very proud for your Solidarity actions in Argentina against the prosecution of antifascist activists fighting against the rise of neonazis and racism. Solidarity from Argentina is very inspiring as the fight against the policies of austerity on 2000 was an inspiration for all of us in Greece. The cort examing the case for Savas Mihail and Konstantinos Moutzouris will end tomorrow. My case has finish the stage of preliminary interrogation and now we are expecting when they determine the date of trial.Greetings from Greek antifascist movement. 

Petros Constantinou, councillor in Athens city with ANTARSYA and coordinator of KEERFA

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