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sábado, 12 de diciembre de 2015


United Front Against Macri: the TPR propose a policy to defeat the rise of the right

To respect the popular will, we reject any agreement with PRO. Let’s gain the streets against the right

Cristina and La Cámpora didn’t demonstrate on December 10th against Macri. The Tendencia Piquetera Revolucionaria (TPR) did.

In the last ballotage, the right achieve a narrow victory, what reflect the rise of the right in Latin America, and the intensification of the pre-revolutionary situation. The facts are that half of the country voted against Macri (summing Scioli votes and blank and null votes, Macri won only by 80.000 votes). We as TPR stood for blank vote, as Scioli was advancing he will govern in open collaboration with PRO (which had already won Buenos Aires city and province, where half of the country population lives). 

Macri is not a strong government. PRO is the second force inside Cambiemos, the front that won. Cambiemos doesn’t control the Congress. Front for Victory (FpV, kirchnerists and peronists) controls the Senate and it’s the first minority in the Deputies Chamber. PRO only rules 2 provinces and UCR other 2. That is way the stock plunge 5% the day after the ballotage, because capitalists know that Macri doesn’t have the ability to govern by his own.

That’s why we say: “Half of the country voted against PRO! Not to the agreement with Macri!” To collaborate with Macri or avoid opposition because he won “the popular will” is false and one-sided. Political forces have to decide: whether with or against Macri.

First responsible on Macri’s victory is the false ‘independent opposition’ that in the ballotage called to vote for Macri as Massa (right wing peronist), Stolbizer (pro-imperialist center left), Lousteau and Rodriguez Saa. We don’t agree with the left who is blaming exclusively on kirchnerism the victory of the right.
Is it possible to build a United Front Against Macri? Yes because we know in our agitation activities, in the factories, in the university and the neighborhoods lots of comrades that voted against Macri. We have an anti-Macri popular process going on. But it not probable due to the sectarian position of the left and because kirchnerism after the ballotage started to talk about collaboration with Macri. After saying that Macri “agreed with the devil and the vulture funds” now Scioli wishes him “good luck and God blessing”. Cristina said that if Macri won people cannot ask “to oust them all” (in reference to 2001 Argentinazo). In the Congress, kirchnerist leaders declare that they “will collaborate with Macri” (Diana Conti). They voted Pinedo (PRO leader) to Senate presidency where they have total majority. On the contrary, Hebe de Bonafini (kirchnerist leader of Madres de Plaza de Mayo) demonstrate today (December 10th) against Macri, while he was taking office.

Kirchnerism voted a law package last week in order to get state staff and to be in better position to negotiate with Macri. We did agree in providing quorom, what Left Front did, and shows the chance of collaboration between kirchnerism, center-left and Left Front against PRO, Massa and UCR. But the left voted in favour of the laws in an opportunistic move because some laws were in the interest of some workers struggle. We reject opportunism, we have to denounce kirchnerist leaders tendency to agree with Macri and call to a United Front against Macri.

The left has to denounce agreement Scioli-Macri and to struggle for a United Front Against Macri. Chavist left is calling to “intelligent resistance” with “wide alliance” and “not only with demonstrations”. Left Front position is very important because is the only political force that called to vote blank. But they are using this in order to smash kirchnerism and stay in peace “until people realize that Macri is applying the adjustment”. They are giving time to Macri to destroy the 50% of the country that voted against him. This sectarianism is mortal to workers.

Partido Obrero says that there is a “process of popular opposition to the government” what explains the vote for Macri. Now in the case of Venezuela Altamira states that “the victory of the right can give birth to revolutionary situation”, what is total stalinist third period style ultra-leftism! At the same time Altamira says “Macri won’t be able to apply the adjustment”. This contradiction reflects total paralysis. Socialist Left says “big defeat of kirchnerism”, it seems they are happy with the victory of Macri. The PTS promotes the idea that people will struggle against anti-popular measures, what is trade-unionism. We have to block the consecution of the political agreement between PRO and kirchnerism. The risk for Left Front is to go from the electoral bad results to the political defeat. We have to talk with the workers who are against the pro-imperialist nature of Macri in order to advance against the right.

We have a clear challenge in the following 100 days. Kirchnerism will probably try to exchange collaborationism for judicial impunity. We reject both PRO “anti-corruption” crusade against kircherists (what will be used in order to better apply the adjustment) and kirchnerist collaboration and integration to PRO government.

Our duties are: no agreement with Macri! Organize popular resistance! Struggle plan for a Christmas without hungry! Support Merlo occupation and ongoing workers struggles! Let’s start to organize the first general strike against Macri’s government!

With this policy we demonstrated today against Macri while he took office. 

Album of the demonstration and rally December 10th 2015

TPR’s statements in spanish

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